Matt Kella Photography

Matt Kella Photography has been our "go to" photographer for over 20 years.

Matt shot our wedding 21 years ago. We had an August evening wedding. Besides being an evening wedding, the church was octagon.

Matt has always been a stickler for detail. He actually attended church services with us the week before the wedding to scope out angles, lighting etc.

Our reception was held at the University Club on the campus of Notre Dame. The scenery there is endless. One of my husbands favorite pictures is of him and his dad leaning against a very large tree.

Another favorite is one of me, in full bridal form, smoking a stogie. Matt has always been able to catch people at their best.

Our daughter was born 2 years later in July and Matt again was our photographer of choice. He took our first family Christmas pictures. Our family room was oblong, with a large wood fireplace on the inside wall. Matt actually had to set his camera outside our double sliding doors to take the pictures in front of the fireplace. No matter what the obstacle Matt has a solution.

Fast forward 18 years. When it was time to choose a photographer for our daughter's Senior pictures, there was no question, the job was Matt's. Our daughter is very photogenic, but a handful of attitude at the same time. Matt took some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen. We still live in South Bend not far from the new River Walk, Darden Bridge and Notre Dame. Matt started the day at Notre Dame. My daughter actually climbed her first tree to get a picture! It was a tree students inscribed with various sayings and messages. That picture went in a portfolio.

The Grotto was a "must have" for our daughter. The picture of her at the side with all the candles is inspiring.

Along the River Walk is Pin Hook park. The trees were in full color the day we went. We actually threw leaves in the air and Matt took the picture as they came down around her face. One of those went in the portfolio. Some of the best pictures were at Darden Bridge. The sun was starting to set and the colors of the old, worn bridge made a beautiful backdrop. Our favorite is one of our daugher in her high school letter jacket standing on the bridge with her hand on her hips. Tough, but beautiful. Matt chose a few spots to stop, but only picked the ones of his liking to take pictures at. He has an eye for natural surroundings that compliment all his pictures.

Our daughter is a swimmer, so we had the swim stuff, warm-ups, fins, paddles, goggles, caps and all the other gear she used. Matt documented her four years as a lettered athlete to perfection.

He took a close up head shot of her in her swim cap, that had her last name on it. It is a unique, priceless picture, ALL EYES. It is beautiful. Our daughter says Matt took it just to mess up her hair.

We had so many proofs to chose from. They were all beautiful. In the end, we did it. We were more than satisfied with the creativity, quality, price and service we received this time and every time we chose Matt Kella Photography.

Next will be another wedding ( not for a few years though, we have college to get through)!

Thank you Matt!

Butch & Barb Cabana, South Bend, IN